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Transantiago sucks, Salvador Allende Lives!

Posted in Uncategorized by tomasdinges on May 24, 2007

The successive government’s of the Republic of Chile have been taking steps to improve the public transportation system, which currently suck life (see La Cuarta). In my opinion this is because of the socialist arrogance of Ricardo Lagos. The new transportation system is designed from his vision and with his advisors and it is called Transantiago.

Among the steps recently implemented include bringing Station Names to The Level of the People, so that the People can view the station stops from their perspective, that of the worker-in-transport.

Madrid, the capital of the old country called Spain, is that much more radical and free. It’s called Thirty Seven Years from the Death of Fascism and the Opus Dei and Escrivá de Balaguer becomes cute, fetish, like Hello Kitty in the East on designer fingernails, and liberal capitalism rids itself of religious ideology, maybe, Free, like the diet soda. It didn’t last long on the soda market, Free.

Thus Spain is a country of free radicals, since not-Franco and liberal capitalism.

Props to the free radical of Chile, El Divino Anticristo.

Check the recently named metro station of Madrid.

Salvador Allende metro stop.JPG

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  1. Ani said, on June 6, 2007 at 12:23 pm

    Who could of ever imagined, Spain, “The Mother Country” of Spanish-speaking Latin America. The one who used to teach her “colonial children” never to challenge the absolutism of the state and church. Would one day loosen the ties of her rigid corset and lifted her voluminous petticoats to enjoy basking in hedonistic pleasures.

  2. Chileno said, on June 25, 2007 at 3:46 am

    Spain rocks.

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