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Crate-digging, Santiago de Chile

Posted in chile by tomasdinges on December 19, 2008

I have been made aware of a growing community of expat bloggers in Chile recently. They are such a community that for this holiday season they even banded together to make a collective blog post of their New Years resolution’s. Wow, that’s cute.

The tone is like an extension of the “Chile spouses” club, whichindeed exists in greater Santiago giving guidance and support to new arrivals. An inter generational event, sources say that is can be as influential as it is innocent with deep connections in Chilean high society.

Blogs…Probably the most famous of them all, besides C.hileno, Matt, who for some reason stays in Valparaiso. He runs a blog called Corrugated City in which he sells real estate, highlights architectural features of Valparaiso and takes photos of colored pants.

Unfortunately my respect for him was quite diminished after he took information I provided to him about my family to insult me and my family. Good guy.

Thankfully there are others. Most recently to have arrived Chile-side, are Andres!Andres! and Federico!Federico!, who have put together Kompis!Kompis!, a crate-diggers tour of Santiago de Chile. (Thanks Wichita!Linemen!)

During the Kompis! Kompis! world tour in Santiago, Chile, the next 6-7 months, we’ll be posting some interesting, curious or simply right on damned fine cuts that we’ve been finding in this LA-look-a-like mad and inmense South American capital.

What is crate-digging? It goes like this. Today’s music has become stagnant, originality is waning, musical styles have been firmly developed and what remains? Taking samples of old, undiscovered music, and integrating bits and pieces of it into new songs. DJ Rupture is proficient in crate-digging, and highlighting musical traditions from around the world (really into cumbia), almost like a musicologist. Girl Talk is like a meta-example of cutting and sampling. He melds samples from a wide range of songs to create whole ones.

While I am a bit mystified as to Kompis!Kompis! would have come to Chile (maybe they have family?) for old vinyl and cuttable tracks, there is some history of classic Chilean groups getting sampled.

Notably, Los Angeles Negros was sampled by Jay-Z on My First Song, a couple years back.

I’m sure the Chilean progressive rock band the Los Blops! could be picked up, but what else…well, I await the results of Kompis!Kompis!

For a sample of current Chilean music see Conspirazion (straight from Villa Francia) and El Dorado. Perrosky has folk, garage rock and Panico has history and international reach and Dj Bitman and Roban have funk. Ricardo Villalobos is a god of minimal electronic music in Berlin, and worldwide. Atom Heart, a collaborator and maybe even mentor, is deeply involved in the Chilean music scene. will get you quite far, and so will a couple other sites that I’ve forgotten and will fill in later.

A community of bloggers in Chile (Thanks to Corrugated City.)
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Southern Cone Travel-News and stories from Chile and Argentina
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At last…another English language blog about Valparaiso!
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Lazy Gringo Ski Bum in Chile-info about skiing & Chile.
Another Santiago based blogger-the backwards Colin
Anthony’s blog-living and teaching in Santiago
Dan’s blog-more living and teaching in Santiago
Real Chile-English/Spanish Blog About Valparaiso and Chile in General
The Small Blog: Valparaiso
Jessi’s Chile
Lanchiloe-(it’s in Slovenian, you know..!)

Pepe’s Chile
More Santiago Based Blogging
Chilean Odds and Ends
Chile in Portuguese
Andre in Chile
I live in Chile Too
Emita in Chile
Transcultural Vogueing
Pinta de Gringa
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What Sara Says, Santiago
Cachando Chile-Bilingual Blog about life in Chile

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