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So, Fuel Hedging cuts LAN’s profit. This means that LAN (ex-Piñera, Cueto) was too ambitious (arrogant? ballsy?)  and they lost 21 percent from a year ago. Who knows. See the article below. 

Good thing their game isn’t the natural environment. The Chilean salmon industry behaves like a fish out of water, on a beach, wriggling, thrusting, dying, ohh but for the tide. Could it be? Sorry.

They have recently replaced Rodrigo “Que siente pena pero Why now pregunto?” Infante, their second in charge and person in charge of public relations. Woe be his job, but a failure at the end of his career.  Good job Rodrigo. Who eats Chilean salmon now? Check this google search for “chile salmon”   

To be fair, was it your fault? Just follow Cesar “Crisis, que crisis,” Barros down the rabbit hole. 

Later, see Will “The Content Whore” Chileno


Fuel Hedging Cuts LAN Profit

The Journal of Commerce Online – News Story

Cargo operations expand in South America

But for a loss of $57.9 million on fuel hedging, LAN Airlines would have pulled in operating income of $176 million, an 18.9 percent improvement over last year in the first quarter.

Because of the loss, the Santiago, Chile-based passenger and cargo airline reported operating income of $118.1 million, down 21 percent from a year ago. Net profit fell 34.7 percent to $65 million in the first quarter.

Last week, Fitch Ratings reaffirmed LAN Airlines international foreign currency rating at ‘BBB’, with a rating outlook of “Stable,” stating that the strengths of the company’s business model “should allow it to weather the very challenging environment during 2009 and 2010.”

During the quarter, LAN Cargo expanded its presence in South America with a new affiliate in Colombia and news services in Brazil.