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How Victor Jara died, last minutes

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The mystery of who killed famed Communist singer-songwriter Victor Jara seems to be almost resolved, or at least says the compiled judicial testimonies released in Chilean court today and an elaborate recounting of his last minutes by Jacmel Cuevas, writing for Ciper Chile, an investigative journalism site. For the first time a group of officers surrounding his death has been identified. Also, the details of Jara’s last minutes are detailed as is the story of how his body was found dumped outside a cemetery, spirited away and anonymously buried by loved ones. 

It places into doubt previous testimony blaming the death of Jara on Edward Dimter Bianchi.

On September 17th, after four days of imprisonment and multiple sessions of torture in a basement room in Estadio Chile, with a swollen face and fingers fractured by the butt of a rifle, Jara was shot by a low-ranking officer on a round of Russian roulette, with the barrel of the revolver resting against the temple. Jara’s body fell to the floor on its side, convulsing, said José Alfonso Paredes Márquez, an 18-year-old military conscript on guard duty who witnessed the above events and testified to Judge Juan Eduardo Fuentes recently.

Jara’s body was then shot again 43 times by the conscripts there, including by the person who is making this testimony. There were 44 bullet wounds in his body, according to the autopsy.

The ranking officer, Nelson Edgardo Haase Mazzei sat behind an interrogation desk and observed. This is according to the singular testimony of Paredes Marquez, who began his obligatory military service in five months earlier.

Paredes Marquez is currently 55-years-old, lives in the Central Coast region of Chile, and works building houses.

Haase, in testimony, denied that he was present in the Estadio Chile. Testimony of officers and soldiers, compiled by the judicial case and the investigation by CIPER, contradict Haase and place him in Estadio Chile during the time of Jara’s death. The name of the man who first pulled the trigger is not in the Ciper account.

Yesterday, Paredes Marquez was arrested by the Chilean judge. Last year, César Manríquez Bravo, the commander of the Estadio Chile prisoner complex, was arrested for being the responsible officer at the time.

On April 23, 2007, Haase, who owns a company that makes wooden crates for shipping wine, participated in a charity golf tournament in a team made up of other retired military officials. They are pictured below.


Guillermo Garin, Juan Lucar, Richard Quaas, Nelson Haase

Guillermo Garin, Juan Lucar, Richard Quaas, Nelson Haase (not pictured in order)

In a telephone interview with La Nación newspaper Haase declares that he doesn’t like soccer and has never stepped foot in Estadio Chile (now re-named Estadio Victor Jara.) Haase said he was in an undisclosed location in the south of Chile at the time.

En una conversación telefónica con La Nación, Haase desmiente siquiera haber pisado el Estadio Chile.

-Algunos conscriptos lo mencionan a usted como quien dio la orden de asesinar a Víctor Jara en el Estadio Chile.

-Yo nunca estuve en el Estadio Chile y no conozco a ese caballero (Víctor Jara).

-Pero usted sí fue oficial del Ejército.

– Sí, estuve en el Ejército.

-¿Y estuvo en Tejas Verdes?

-Yo he estado en muchas partes.

-¿Y en el Estadio Chile?

-Yo nunca he estado ahí. No lo conozco. Ni siquiera me gusta el fútbol.

-No me refiero al estadio como recinto deportivo, sino de prisioneros.

-Nunca estuve ahí.

-¿Por qué cree que estos conscriptos lo señalan a usted?

-No tengo idea de lo que me habla.

-¿Dónde estaba usted el 15 de septiembre de 1973?

-En el sur.

-¿En qué parte del sur?

-Eso a usted no le importa.

-Seguramente será citado a declarar

-Mire, no sé por qué estoy hablando esto con usted, pero responderé a quien corresponda si es una llamada oficial.

Yesterday, La Nación asked Paredes Marquez a question in the hallways of the Chilean courts, did Haase give the orders. Paredes Marquez nodded his head.

“Si estando en el pelotón que ultimó a Víctor Jara, Nelson Haase Mazzei era quien daba las órdenes, José Paredes Márquez, albañil y obrero de la construcción, asintió con su cabeza afirmativamente.

Haase continued his military career as a confidant of Manuel Contreras, head of the DINA, and was the commanding officer of the clandestine detention center of the “Cuartel Bilbao,” according to CIPER.

Names of officers and soldiers mentioned in article 

comandante (r) César Manríquez Bravo

Manuel Contreras Sepúlveda

Marcelo Moren Brito

capitán David González Toro

capitán Germán Montero Valenzuela

conscripto José Alfonso Paredes Márquez

Nelson Edgardo Haase Mazzei

Rodrigo Rodríguez Fuschloger

Arturo Viveros

teniente Pedro Barrientos

conscripto Francisco Quiroz Quiroz

The Young Dead / It must be my bias

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I think, as I enter my third month of a job in a newspaper in Newark, New Jersey, United States, that I will begin to funnel press releases, news, video clips, messages, google alerts, etc. from my sources that make me Chile from Within. Tongue in cheek aside, it’s true or at least it’s me.

So while my site gets spammed by russians, I figure I have nothing to lose. I leave you with the following.


We bear tragic news from here in Chile.

During the early morning of May 22, we lost our beloved comrade Mauricio Morales Duarte. According to the bourgeois press, Mauricio was transporting an explosive device in downtown Santiago. The device exploded unexpectedly, and our comrade died in combat.

Long live comrade Mauricio Morales! Mauricio joins the list of fallen combatants under the democratic regime in Chile. He was a dedicated and militant anarchist. We remember Mauricio as a youth combatant like so many before him.”

Fucking idiot, if indeed the statement above is true. A weapon is a weapon, and to wield one, one must have competence and the conviction to use it. Mr. Morales Duarte, lacked the first. 

Regardless, we have recently passed the Dia del Joven Combatiente, a laudable holiday, the Day of the Young Combatant, (3/28) in its essence, challenging an inevitable police state that infringes upon true freedom of individuals. It was a holiday born in dictatorship, of resistance to fascism aka Pinochet/Contreras,DINA/CNI, and the other, poor, imitators down the chain of command.

Los Hermanos Vergara died as a result of police brutality, in a población in Santiago in the early 80s. Their death has been held up as the flame that will never die. A flame of resistance to the Pinochet dictatorship that has since been tasked to light resistance to the modern day forces of fascism, so they say, of Michelle Bachelet y los Carabineros de hoy. The Status Quo de Hoy.

There are others as well, like Rodrigo Rojas (a photographer child of exile from Wilson High School in DC) y Carmen Quintanilla, whose brutal death and injury at the hands of out of control Carabineros, who should never be forgotten. 

Here in the cercanias de New York a movie is being released about the Dia del Joven Combatiente by SubversiveActionFilms a film production house based in Chicago and New York bourne of, “the heart of the neoliberal empire, and others who were born in a land torn apart by the legacy of a military dictatorship. We are the children of political exile and the product of decaying strip malls.”

Today I was in Mahwah, a town in the hills of Northern New Jersey that rises towards the Adirondacks. There are large houses, manicured lawns and BMW dealerships. Someone’s son died yesterday, in a boating accident on a Friday afternoon of a stunningly beautiful Memorial Day weekend. He drowned after the boat he was on collided with a boat twice its size. He was 24.

On Saturday, as his family took a delivery from a catering company, another family mourned in Paterson. 

Sgt. Christian E. Bueno-Galdos, 25, son of Carlos and Eugenia, was laid to rest in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Totowa, NJ. He was a soldier in Iraq and he was killed by an American soldier who shot four others in a fit of psychosis it seems caused by his service.

The fate of this victim seems not have been driven by political circumstance, or anger, or repression of an entire society. 

Bueno, as he was called by his friends in the Army, was generous, kind and determined to excel. Since 1988 his father worked 10-hour-days making wire hangers. They were both born in Peru.

I believe, if you permit me, that he sought, as his father did, an American dream.

Today he was buried in Totowa, NJ in a military ceremony. His two brothers, sister, wife, mother and father appeared exhausted and haggard from two weeks of mourning. The flag was folded and the ceremony terminated.

Dirt, I imagine, fell upon the coffin.

Guide to Chilean Defense Websites

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I thought it was over, but there are always bizarre and interesting things that emerge here in the United States with regards to Chile.

See this list of Chilean defense websites, which the Federation of American  Scientists gained access to and deemed important:

The Open Source Center of the U.S. Intelligence Community has prepared a descriptive catalog of websites (pdf) concerning the defense and security of Chile.

“The Chilean defense establishment consists of military and civilian institutions, many of which have their own websites featuring institutional services, news, and academic reports,” the OSC report explains. “Many academic contributions on defense issues are featured on these sites. Defense blogs and some related websites also carry unofficial information on Chilean military issues. A few sensitive defense institutions, including intelligence services and related industries, do not have their own websites. An appendix [to the report] explains the Chilean defense structure.”

Like many other OSC products, the unclassified, 12-page report has not been approved for public release.  But a copy was obtained by Secrecy News.  See “Guide to Selected Chilean Defense Websites,” Open Source Center Media Aid, 29 April 2009.