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Gen. (ret.) Hector Guillermo Letelier Skinner (FOP) may go to jail.

Posted in chile by tomasdinges on June 11, 2009

I will reprint the AP story here. Letelier Skinner got busted, aka an economic mastermind of the Pinochet transition from socialized Chile state to Milton Friedman heaven. See my post on Consorcio Internacional Financiero San Nicolas. Letelier has always walked a fine line, dabbling in fantastic economic ventures, from Croatia, to Germany, to the British Virgin Islands and Panama. He is mentioned in this NYT article.

See in spanish this article in La Nación.

Now he faces prison. He will appeal. Will he serve?

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — Two retired Chilean generals have been sentenced to prison for shipping arms to Croatia at the time of its battle for independence from Yugoslavia.

A Chilean court has sentenced Army Gen. Guillermo Letelier and Air Force Gen. Vicente Rodriguez to three years in prison for illegal arms sales. Letelier also was sentenced to 541 days for falsifying documents.

Hungarian officials discovered 11 tons of rocket launchers and automatic weapons being loaded on trucks headed for Croatia in 1991 in violation of a U.N. arms embargo. They had been labeled as Chilean humanitarian aid for Sri Lanka.

The former head of the army’s weapons factory was killed shortly after he was questioned about the case.

The ruling was announced Tuesday.

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