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C.hileno. A review. Vote.

Posted in chile, Chile culture, People and Places, Santiago, US, Viva Chile by tomasdinges on November 3, 2007

Prolific, sardonic, witty, now less reactionary and increasingly, experienced, Mr. Sherman’s blog is mysteriously called Chileno. Hailing from the West Coast, this lad settled in Chile for just under two years and has made a life of himself here. Now his blog has been nominated for the Best Latino, Caribbean or South American blog of the 2007 Weblog Awards. I say vote for C.hileno.

Part of his life is his blog. Part of his blog is his life. This is good for his readers, a mix of international travelers (both dumb and informed), expats (spammers and non-spammers alike), lurkers, other generation folks with a past connection to Chile and increasingly, Chileans. This is both a resource site and an opinion site. Its a place to try and get a feeling for what the hell is going on in Chile. Lots of good use of photo and video. Seriously.

His sharp and fired-up commentary will take you to an understanding of Chile far beyond whatever you could glean from the tired rehash regularly found at The Santiago Times or always found with expat bloggers who try to sell real-estate (not like Kylie, who is recently married.)

But, tread lightly on the spider’s web. C.hileno loves his readers for their light and their dark, their opinion and their misinformation. Chile is a paradise of misinformation and half-baked thinking and Chileno sees the low-hanging fruit.

Words are his life-force and Will loves a good argument.

He pounces mercilessly upon the legions of jack-asses unwitting enough to realize that Will’s combined powers of the pen and the mind have both greater endurance and logical coherency than most. He is an educated, literate and a skeptical gringo in a hate/love relationship with Chile. He is a far cry from a knee-jerk liberal romanticist whose understanding of Chile is based on human rights protests in the 1980’s, a love of arpillera’s and Salvador Allende. Or, alternatively, those who like to read in the classroom about democracy in transition, human rights protests in the 1980’s, a love of arpillera’s and Salvador Allende. His literacy and now-life experiences are reflecting a more complex understanding of Chile.

He does have a deep sense of social justice despite having occasional trust issues with the service industry. C.hileno touches regularly upon the great inequalities and injustices in Chilean society. He backs them up with information and statistics and occasional interviews with players (which he should do more often.) that you would probably be too lazy to find yourself. And when he is too lazy to find it, then he’ll ask you to help.

Sherman is also a very good writer, so even if you find his content reactionary, frivolous, uninformed, naive or spammy, its still very entertaining.

Take for example his recent post and commentary on the school-yard blowjob video later posted on Youtube, Wena Naty. Where else would you get a discussion on the Gini coefficient spinning off of a Wena Naty post?

In my closest flirtation with spam in my life, Vote for C.hileno in the 2007 Weblog Awards, for the best of the nominated blogs in Latin America.

Although, I mean it, and I write what I mean.