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Select Bibliography

A Select Bibliography of Titles relating the history of the Juncal Valley in Chile.

I am particularly interested in the history of the Juncal Valley, which includes the peaks of Alto Los Leones, Cerro Juncal, Alto Rio Blanco, Alto Leon Blanco and Alto Leon Negro, as well as Los Gemelos.

Please email me at to suggest any other titles relating the history of mountaineering or glaciology or anything else related to the area.

Chile Andinista: Su Historia, por Evelio Echevarría, 1999, Talleres Gráfica Clas Von Plate, Stgo.
Historia del Andinismo en Chile, Gaston San Román, 1989, Quickprint Ltda., Stgo.

Mountaineering in the Andes, Jill Neate, Hyperion Books; New Ed edition (December 1993)

‘Erkundung und topographische Erschliessung des Juncal-Tupungato-Massives durch Robert Helbling, 1908-1912’. BdW, 3 (1948): 389-94.

-Exploration of this area from the Argentine side by the Swiss Robert Helbling, who climbed with Reichert.

More technical titles related to Glaciology in the Central Andes

Glaciares Chilenos, Reservas Estrategicas de Agua Dulce para la sociedad, los ecosistemas y la economia, por Roxana Borquez, Sara Larrain, Rodrigo Polanco, Juan Carlos Urquidi
una colaboracion entre la Sociedad Nacional de Agricultura y Chile Sustentable, November 2006, LOM Ediciones

Corripio, J. G.: 2003a, Modelling the energy balance of high altitude glacierised basins in the Central Andes, PhD thesis, University of Edinburgh.
Corripio, J. G. and Purves, R. S.: 2005, Surface energy balance of high altitude glaciers in the central andes: the effect of snow penitentes, in C. de Jong, D. Collins and R. Ranzi (eds), Climate and Hydrology in Mountain Areas, Wiley, London, chapter 3, pp. 15–27.
Corripio, J. G., Purves, R. S. and Rivera, A.: 2007, Modeling climate-change impacts on mountain glaciers and water resources in the Central Dry Andes, in B. Orlove, E. Wiegandt and B. Luckman (eds), Darkening Peaks: Glacier Retreat, Science, and Society, University of California  Press, Berkeley, pp. 126–135.

Echevarr¡a, E. ‘Chilean Cordillera Central’. AJ, 64 (1959): 228-36; 65 (1960): 53-61. Map.

Lliboutry, L.: 1954a, Le Massif du Nevado Juncal ses penitentes et ses glaciers, Revue de Géographie Alpine 42, 465–495.
Lliboutry, L.: 1954b, The origin of penitentes, Journal of Glaciology 2(15), 331–338.
Lliboutry, L.: 1956, Nieve y glaciares de Chile. Fundamentos de glaciología, Universidad de Chile, Santiago de Chile.
Lliboutry, L.: 1965, Traité de Glaciologie, Vol. I & II, Masson, Paris.
Lliboutry, L.: 1998, Glaciers of the Dry Andes, in R. S. J. Williams and J. G. Ferrigno (eds), Satellite

Image Atlas of Glaciers of the World SOUTH AMERICA, United States Geological Survey Professional Paper 1386–I.

Kurz, M. ‘Chilenisch-Argentinische Anden’. BdW, 3 (1948): 361-9. —-.

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