Chile From Within

The Chile Big List aka La Piragua

El arbol del conocimiento, Humberto Maturana R. and Francisco Varela G., Editorial Universitaria, 1984.

The Embodied Mind, Cognitive Mind and Human Experience, Francisco J. Varela, Evan Thompson and Eleanor Rosch, MIT Press, 1991.

“The author’s argue that only by having a sense of common ground between mind in science and mind in experience can our understanding of cognition be more complete. Toward that end, they develop a dialogue between cognitive science and Buddhist meditative psychology and situate it in relation to other traditions such as phenomenology and psychoanalysis.”

Los Angeles Negros

Juana Fe, “Afrorumba Chilenera,” Sello Azul

Chin Chin Tirapies

Banda Conmoción

31 Minutos

Pan Amasado con Pernil, 0710 horas, Metro Americo Vespucio Norte

5 kilos de Kiwi, 500 pesos, carretera a Los Andes

Vino tinto con Coca-Cola

Roberto Bolaño

Radio Isla Negra


Hot sopaipillas con Frambuesa jam (Watts)

El Divino Anticristo

Atom Heart y Ricardo Villalobos, Mutek Valparaiso, 2005

Aphex Twin, Windowlicker, Un Reencuentro

Chilean Scrapbook, Stephen Crissold, Cresset Press, 1952

Macarena, Bar Don Rodrigo

Eduardo, (Bar) Berri, la luna cresciente de Islam y su impacto en la lengua hispana.

Dia Domingo, Lunes feriado

Lunes Feriado

La Gente en la calle, Lunes feriado

Mote con Huesillos, Cerro San Cristobal

El joven Gato, Fellini (Pellini, Flaitini, Gato Culiao, Gata) on the nape of my neck, o entre mi espalda y el cuello mientras estoy escribiendo esto.

El payador recien salido del psiquiatrico camino a Cajon del Maipo, haciendo su paya? en la micro, sin detenerse, entre Tobalaba y Cumming.

Radio Oasis at the dentist

Puertecillo with my brother

The acerbic and relentlessly critical, yet regularly well-written commentary by the American in Chile blog C.hileno and play fights that turn into real fights (not really.)

2 Responses

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  1. Lucie said, on May 30, 2008 at 8:45 pm

    I enjoyed reading this list and your blog. I am slowly experiencing some of these things during my time in Chile. Isn’t Coca Cola con vino tinto called ‘Jote’ en chileno?

  2. tomasdinges said, on June 9, 2008 at 2:05 am

    Absolutely, good call on the Jote. Your taste for that drink may vary with the length of your experience in Chile. Thanks for your comment and I wish you luck in your travels.

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